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Rosemead Surgery

Rosemead Surgery

8a Ray Park Avenue
Tel: 01628 622023
Out of Hours: 111

Failing to turn up for an appointment – don’t be a “DNA”


A “DNA” is someone who Did Not Attend an appointment at the surgery and did not tell us beforehand. The Doctor, Nurse or Midwife were waiting, but the patient did not attend.


DNAs are a serious problem for the NHS. Research shows that around 13 million GP appointments and 6 million practice nurse/ midwife appointments are missed each year


Here at Rosemead, on average, 87 patients DNA appointments each month, that’s 1040 appointments each year (the equivalent of over 14.5 hours of clinician time and 14.5 hours admin time per month). Not only is this a waste of valuable resources, it also means the number of appointments available for patients is reduced by each DNA that occurs.


Due to an increase in the number of wasted appointments through patients failing to attend without informing the practice, it has become necessary to implement the following Policy:

  • If you fail to attend an appointment without letting us know, you will be sent a leaflet and a letter asking if there are any specific problems preventing you from letting us know.
  • If you fail to attend two consecutive appointments without informing us, we will write to you reiterating our practice policy.
  • If you fail to attend three consecutive appointments, we are within our rights to remove you from the Practice list and you will have to find an alternative Doctor.

We do our best to offer you an appointment when you want it, but you will understand our frustration when patients do not turn up. There are, of course, times when patients have been taken into hospital and this is unforseeable.


When you make your appointment, please write it in your diary - if your plans change/ you feel better etc. please ring the surgery and let us know as soon as you can - it only takes a phone call. Just telephone 01628 622023 and tell us you are unable to attend; we can then offer the appointment to someone who is ill and who needs to be seen.


We now use SMS texting to remind patients of their forthcoming appointments. We will assume that you give consent to receive this form of communication unless you let us know otherwise. 


Many thanks for your help with this.

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