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Safety information for diabetes patients in possession of a GlucaGen HypoKit ( posted on Sep 16, 2016 )


Novo Nordisk is recalling seven batches of GlucaGen HypoKit in the UK. It is used for the treatment of severe hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) in insulin- treated diabetic patients. 


Novo Nordisk conducted an investigation showing a small number of needles (0.006%) were detached from the syringe in certain batches of the GlucaGen HypoKit. To protect patient safety, Novo Nordisk is recalling all products in the affected batches from wholesalers, pharmacies and patients in the UK.


The recalled GlucaGen HypoKit batch numbers are:


Batch: FS6W939 Expiry: 05/2018

Batch: FS6X059 Expiry: 05/2018

Batch: FS6X196 Expiry: 09/2018

Batch: FS6X590 Expiry: 08/2018

Batch: FS6X717 Expiry: 08/2018

Batch: FS6X899 Expiry: 08/2018

Batch: FS6Y024 Expiry: 09/2018


The bacth numbers are printed on the dark panel on the right hand side of the box.


What to do it you are in possession of a GlucaGen HypoKit with one of the above-mentioned batch numbers


Return your GlucaGen HypoKit product with the above-mentioned batch numbers to your pharmacy. You will be given a free replacement GlucaGen HypoKit when you return the product with one of these batch numbers. 


If you are in possession of a GlucaGen HypoKit product with a batch number NOT mentioned above, there is no concern and you can be confident that the product will work as prescribed. 


Customer Services can be contacted on: 0845 600 5055



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